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Redefine voyage optimisation for maritime transport, by utilising artificial intelligence, naval engineering & earth observation data. The maritime sector can function more efficiently while addressing climate change.

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In the shipping sector emissions have been a main issue to be addressed for maritime transportation from both economic and environmental views. Our solution reduces fuel consumption and GHG emissions by up to 20%, which in turn results in savings on both fuel costs and emissions' taxes and penalties.

Available Services



Receive Reference Values for your Main Engine (ME) Consumption or any other requested combination of values (e.g. Resistance).



Receive an Estimation of your Main Engine (ME) Fuel Consumption, for any desired route & vessel, taking into account Weather and Sea Current data.



Receive THE optimal route for your trips, based on our own ship-specific SFOC model, and get a Real-Time ETA & Fuel Consumption Estimation.



Promilist is participating in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Greece

Promilist is participating in the Business Incubator of European Space Agency in Greece


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